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K-Rail Stack
K-Rail is a modular concrete barrier employed to separate lanes of traffic. It is designed to both minimize vehicle damage in cases of incidental contact while still preventing crossover in the case of head-on accidents. Also utilized extensively to re-route traffic and protect pedestrians during highway construction.
Trucking Services
Trucking Services
KRC has just the right trucking Services you need for your business. Our experience and support will make the difference for your operation. Our fleet and capabilities include Flatbeds Lowboys - 5, 7 and 9 Axle Small to large equipment hauls Manufacturing and inventory hauls Lifts - Rough Terrain and Industrial for loading and unloading. For any move in California or the Western States, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!
Safety Services
Safety Services
KRC is in the safety service business as a professional business solution to construction companies and businesses which include roadside services, K-Railing, and traffic routing. We do inner city and state wide safety services which include signing, sign placement, traffic control, safety barriers, and support to name a few of our services. For more information, please contact Jennifer Barber at: jenniferc@krcsafety.com. Or call (559) 732-0393.
Traffic Plans
KRC is involved in the all around process of preparing all aspects of road safety and service. A part of our work involves preparing road plans for and in conjunction with our customers, businesses, and professionals. If you need more information on our planning stages and services, please contact Dan Castro at: danc@krcsafety.com, or at (559) 732-0393.
Traffic Control
Traffic Control
KRC can meet the challenge of providing safe and professional traffic control. We have safety and traffic control equipment that allows us to divert and redirect traffic in rural or city populations. We also can manage and control traffic on highways, freeways, and rural roads. Pedestrian safety and vehicle safety is our main goal when it comes to protecting the community and those who work in traffic reconstruction and upgrading of highways and roads.
Flagger Graphic
KRC does flagger training and is available to schedule trainings. Trainings are presented by Dan Castro — KRC Safety Co., Inc. Dan is a certified American Traffic Safety Services Association Trainer and possesses over 30 years construction industry experience. KRC Safety Company, Inc. is one of the largest traffic control companies in the states specializing in traffic control since 1977. You will learn Course Objectives :

  • Know why flagging is important
  • Know the abilities of a good flagger
  • Know proper flagger signals
  • Know flagging setups for various situations
  • Hands on Demonstrations

To schedule Flagger training, contact our office and ask for Dan Castro at: danc@krcsafety.com, or at (559) 732-0393.