Rentals and Sales

KRC Safety has Type I and Type II Barricades for Rent and for Sale. The Type I Barricades Meet all MUTCD Specifications which are Perfect for designating hazards. The Type II Barricades Meets all MUTCD Specifications using High intensity tape which is Good for closing traffic lanes.
We have the 42 " Grabber cone with (1) 6" and (1) 4" white bands of Diamond grade reflective sheeting. We also have the 42 " Grabber cone with (2) 4" orange and (2) 4" white bands of Diamond grade reflective sheeting. 42 " Grabber cone with (2) 6" orange and (2) 6" white bands of Diamond grade reflective sheeting. And the 42" Grabber cone with (4) 4" white bands of Diamond grade reflective sheeting.
Flood Lighting

KRC Safety Company, Inc. has the equipment, and will work around the clock when it comes to getting the job done and meeting the needs and demands of our clients and customers.

That's why we have a large fleet of Nighthawk and Amida floodlights which have a candle power of 1,000,000 illumination.

Message Boards

Standard Trailer

• Steel Control Battery Box, Lockable, Metal boxes
• Sealed weather stripping, Non-slip treads on top, Easy control access

Control Panel

  • Streamlined instrument layout, See only the controls you need
  • Easy Programming Guide on panel

  • LED Configuration

  • 15º angularity, 4 LED's per pixel Legibility & Power Consumption
  • Superior legibility, Automatically adjust LED 0 to 100% brightness for ambient condition
  • Power Management System Message Display
  • 3 lines, 8 characters per line
  • Chain Link Fence

    Chain link fence is one of the most popular choices of fence and is:

            • most commonly galvanized
            • one of the most practical styles of fence
            • relatively easy to install
            • cost effective
            • and is used for heavy commercial, and industrial fence applications.

    We rent and sale most commonly galvanized chain link fencing that will protect your equipment and your vehicles. Chain Link Fencing can also protect your job site from vandals when needed. But it can also protect the public from injury from stored items and equipment on the site.